Every person’s situation is unique. We all have different roles in our families and communities, and we all face different mixes of personalities within these roles. No matter what our situation, we all strive for and deserve: peace, stability and happiness.

Brad Riddle Counseling offers a wide variety of services focused on fostering peace, stability and happiness, both internally and within an individual’s everyday life.

On top of marriage and couples counseling, individual therapy, family counseling and coaching services, we provide the following services:

Clergy Restoration

Dr. Riddle provides support in situations involving ministry transitions, burnout, marital conflict, and moral failure. With his training from the Menninger Clinic and Emerge Ministries in clergy care, as well as his unique experience, Dr. Riddle aids in the healing process and the return to ministry life.


Dr. Riddle occasionally takes part in running special retreats. The most common are focused on marriage enrichment or men’s issues. Retreats offer individuals the opportunity to spend more time concentrating solely on their growth without as many outside distractions.

Spiritual Care and Training

Dr. Riddle runs counseling programs provided at some churches. These programs enable more individuals to have access to important resources and assistance from professionals. He also trains Church staff to run these programs and to work with the parishioners.

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As a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner (LIMHP) for over 30 years, he has counseled at a university, mental health agency, in his own private practice, and on church staff.


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